Our agency foundation was influenced in 2010 by an accelerated global trend: in order to acquire a competitive advantage, marketing communication needs to innovate at a fast pace.

Online Brand Ambassadors ® trademark was the first online advocacy service registered at OSIM Romania (2010) and quickly became a recipe for success in the local market.

We built OBA ® trademark through tactical word-of-mouth online campaigns, working with multinational companies and for top brands – Kraft Foods / Mondelez, Dacia Groupe Renault, Tnuva – and with top digital agencies.

In 2012 we upgraded the Online Brand Ambassadors brand and registered the Brand Ambassador ® service, focusing on OFFLINE brand reputation campaigns.

This business decision led us to manage the largest advocacy program in Romania for the iconic Marlboro brand: Marlboro Brand Ambassadors (2012-2014). 

All these achievements would have not been not possible without our 5R set of rules (R – Respect)  for brand advocacy programs. These 5 rules apply to all our clients, collaborators, partners, and audiences:

  1. Respect Marketing Ethics
  2. Respect All Applicable Laws
  3. Respect Communities
  4. Respect the Value of Transparency 
  5. Respect the Client

Because niche innovation is somehow eccentric, Brand Ambassador campaigns are not suitable for any brand. A brand that seeks strategic brand advocacy needs to meet many marketing, financial, and customer requirements in order to meet the expected results.

While some agencies advertise Brand Ambassadors as simple promoters, we are the only ones to recommend them as true Brand Advocates.

Please contact us for:

  • Brand advocacy strategies
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  • Brand Ambassador program management
  • Youth brand advocacy
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