For most professionals, it seems impossible to be at the same time an ad agency and a marketing department.

But what drove the entire industry here, since 6 decades ago ad agencies were in charge of both marketing & advertising for their clients?

AdAge splendidly puts it in a review of marketing in the ’60s:

“The consumer movement gained force in the 1960s, fueled in part by a number of social critiques of advertising ethics.”

The answer to the question above is thus simple: Lack of ethics.

Ever since the 60’s the advertising agency – marketing client landscape changed dramatically, creating a gap between their business agendas that usually overlap only in critical moments.

Why did we mention this historical fact? Because we started to reverse the trend for growing Romanian businesses.

We are already creating exceptions, offering Romanian clients reliable marketing services that put communication and advertising in the “when necessary” bucket, focusing on planning, innovation, and results.

For business owners that need marketing services but do not have the know-how and the budgets to be constantly on TV, we grow their business and boost their presence by offering externalized marketing teams.

We manage transparently clients all marketing requirements, from budget planning to product design, innovation, consumer research, performance marketing, suppliers management, and communication campaigns.

There are 5 principles we apply for this category of services:

  • Trustful clients
  • Experienced team (marketing, research, innovation, communication, creative)
  • 100% transparency for costs and procedures
  • Suitable KPIs
  • Pure passion