Marketing research is most often sought as a mind-blowing creative tool or as a fifth chair leg.

The first category of clients expects to get creative ideas from consumers that will boost orders or sales, while the second category seeks confirmations or for marketing or communication decisions.

However, for word-of-mouth research, we use a different approach. As an agency with experience in brand ambassadors and advocacy campaigns, we promote the truly innovative potential of WOM research.

Together with our partners that monitor social media platforms’ performance, we offer customized solutions for buzz diagnostics and monitoring that help marketing teams to adapt and improve rapidly their brand communication and presence online.

What do we monitor and analyze Qualitatively (manual) and Quantitatively (statistics)?

  • Brand communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Customer buzz
  • Public opinions
  • Influencers opinions
  • PR & Press communication

Types of research studies delivered to clients:

  • Diagnostics: How does word of mouth influence marketing KPIs?
  • Monitoring: What are influencers sharing about brands?
  • Sentiment analysis: How much content is positive/neutral/negative?
  • Trending: How do buzz audience and mentions vary over time?
  • Impact: How did brand content impact online?

Our portfolio included recent both agencies clients and marketers:

  • Pharma: Berlin Chemie
  • Marketing Research: TNS / AGB
  • Alcoholic Beverages: PPD Romania
  • Retail: Conversion